About Pechal’s Pot Pies //

Born in the 2020 COVID lockdown, Pechal’s Pot Pies is the brainchild of renown Sacramento Chef Adam Pechal. Together with a scrappy team culinary mercenaries, Adam began selling pot pies and an assortment of other handcrafted culinary delights. 

Since 2020

About Pechal’s Pot Pies //

Ever since Chef Adam Pechal first posted his Original Chicken Pot Pie for sale online the kitchen has sold out day after day. The pot pies have been an immediate success, and people can’t get enough of them. Ever since that first post, the phone will not stop ringing until long after the last pie has been sold.

Every one of our pies is made with the utmost care and quality. Pechal’s Pot Pies feature Mary’s free-range chicken, vegetables from local farms, and an all-butter crust. All pies are available for either now or later, with baking instructions included!



What The People Say


Check out what some of our wonderful patrons have to say about Pechal’s Pot Pies. 


Tamara Geary

“The Drunken Irishman was DELICIOUS!!!! So tasty and amazing! And the Mary’s Chicken Pot Pie was gobbled up so fast last nite there was no time for pics! Thanks so much for feeding us all such deliciousness!”


Jeremy Hath Morioka

“If you missed out you really missed out. All I gotta say that crust is otherworldly! Best pot pies we have ever had and my kids who usually hate the vegetables in pot pies cleaned their plates.”


Chelsea Robinson

“Your pot pies saved my Christmas…

We always order Chinese for Christmas dinner… I ordered on line then put my phone up to do presents and stuff with the kids and my parents… fast forward an hour and a half I realize the food hasn’t come. Look at my Postmates and they had canceled the order!!!!!! So, we all ate pot pies 🤣🤣 thank god I had them!”


Phil McAllister

I feel so bad for anyone that didn’t get in on Pechal’s Pot Pies this week. 😭 hope next week y’all get yo life together and make the right choice, because it’s the best deal in sac right now. So damn good!



My husband loves Pot Pies and I ordered from you yesterday.  Then today my husband gets a text from a friend about you and he shows it to me, I looked at him and said “yeah I ordered you two yesterday!” Winning at being a wife today. 🙂

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